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AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc.

Post Office Box 35844 Panama City, Florida, 32412


A family service tradition since 1968

Call us today, and lets talk about your Mold Related Services Needs! Coverage Area: FL, GA, AL, LA, MS, SC, NC. Legal Support Nationwide!

Florida Licensed Certified Mold Inspector & Florida Certified Licensed Mold Remediator

Florida Certified Licensed Mold Course Provider / Certified Environmental Inspector

Toxic Mold Inspections.    Toxic Mold Remediation.  Spray Treatments for Mold.

             Residential, Commercial,       To make your home safe       To kill it on contact for the

             Industrial, & Hospitals!         for you and your family!      best environmental results!


                  Clearance Testing.                Remediation Plans.                 Litigation Support.

              Expert Analysis on your          Setting up the Protocols      Expert for Mold Court Cases

          Samples to insure your safety!    to insure Quality Work!      for testimony on Mold Issues! 


Bill Fisher the Legendary Mold Guru

America?s Certified Toxic Mold Leading Authority!

President and Founder William E. Fisher, Jr is a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor, Mold Remediator, and Mold Related Services Training Provider. Bill has been in the housing industry for over 40 years and is one of the few professionals in the toxic mold industry who offers litigation support to attorneys and has testified as an expert witness on cases concerning mold contamination and construction defects resulting in mold contamination. Experience in all facets of residential and commercial construction, Mr. Fisher is known as one of the best mold inspectors and mold remediators in America today. He is also using his experience to instruct others in this fast growing industry at SEMI.

Mr. Fisher on September 11th 2007 received a letter of commendation from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for renovation work on State owned mold contaminated buildings, and consulting work for the State of Florida. Bill Fisher has trained more governmental agencies then any other training provider in America today! Call Bill if you need help resolving your Mold Contamination problem?s! Bill Inspects, remediates, Consults, and can think outside the box to solve your Mold Contamination Issues! 


AAA Advance Air & Mold Solutions Inc / Formerly Mobile Tech

is the Parent Company of SEMI.

The South Eastern Mold Institute Inc      



William E. Fisher, Jr President of AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions & SEMI 


More Insurances Companies, Mortgage Companies, 

Banks, Federal, State, County, & City Governmental Agencies

Prefer SEMI Trained Personal.

Call us today, and lets talk about your Mold Related Services Needs!

Inspection, Remediation, Consulting, or Training!

Note: All Photographs, of Training Classes, and work projects on this website are genuine

SEMI promotional material, and not acquire stock for the construction of this website.

All material is Copyright protected!



Spending your money wisely! Hire the best Florida Licensed, Certified Mold Inspector!

Before you buy other Mold Related Services call us at AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions!

Today money is hard to come by so it is essential that it is spent wisely to get the best results possible.

Storm damage can come to your doorstep in many forms, you buy insurance and hope your covered!

But sometimes when you buy your coverage it falls all to short to cover your damages.

When Insurance Companies fail to cover you that?s when you need the best advice possible!

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc is Licensed, and has the Certification you need!

Storm damage form Tornado, Hurricane, Flooding, & Fire are just some of the things we face!

    When buying Insurance always read the fine print because it?s in the Mice Type they try to get ya!

    Insurance Companies have a departments called loss prevention! Not your loss but theirs! 

    Loss prevention hires their own experts to find ways to not cover you in order to protect their loss.


      Contaminated Construction!     Mold Contaminated Carpeting!       Mold Damaged Ceilings!

   Don?t let the contractor fool you!   Sometimes Beyond Repair!          Don?t let them paint over it!

When it comes time to making any decision before you buy any service do some research before    

   spending your money! William E. Fisher, Jr (Bill) will do his very best to help you find the

   reason?s you and maybe your family are getting sick from your home or work place. Toxic Mold

   Contamination is no joke, and your home is almost always your biggest investment. So spend your

    money with great care and go for the experience you need to find the facts! If your going into

    Litigation you?ll need the best consulting possible, so if your going to buy a service hire the best at


       AAA  Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. 


             We do buildings of any size, above photo is a University College Dorm.

Over 100.000 Sq Ft, Three Stories with over 300 rooms and cafeteria!


Inspection, Remediation, and Consultation for Neglected Real Estate!

Don?t sign on the dotted line before a AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solution Inspection!



The above building had massive water damage and heavy mold contamination!

            Our Mold Inspection revealed many problems that needed addressed before the sale!

Mold Contaminated Ceilings!                Mold Contaminated Floors & Crawl Spaces!

        1 sq foot of Mold coverage can equal            Contamination beneath your feet can make

       over 300.000.000 million Mold Spores!                   you and your family very sick!



       Exterior Wall Leaks and Buildings Defects can become Interior Mold Problems!

       AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inspections will help you identify problem areas! 

       When Bill Fisher Inspects a building he inspects the whole building to find that Mold!

William E. Fisher, Jr

Florida Certified Licensed Mold Assessor & Florida Certified Licensed Mold Remediator!


     Our buildings are built of wood, concrete, stone, brick, and many other products.

    Sick Home Syndrome can also be hypersensitivity to products like your homes insulation

    package! We sometimes discover the homeowner is sick from something other then Mold

      and that?s where our company excels! We leave no stone un-turned to find the facts!


    AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc of Florida Your Safety Net in times of trouble! 

Sometimes Mold Contamination in the strangest of places can damage a building beyond

repair! Your Insurance Coverage, Value of the Property in Question, and the Remediation

expense are all veritable?s that will come into play to determent if your home is a loss!


 AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc has testified in Court as an expert witness, and

we use the photographic, physical, and expert analysis of your samples basing our inspection

on facts! In order to help you fight your Insurance Company, Bank, Mortgage Company, Landlord, Condo Associations, Privet Investigator's or anyone else keeping you from settlement to recover your losses from material or health from Toxic Mold Contamination.  

         Are you the victim of a Slum Lord?             Are You Renting a Contaminated Property?

   If the answer is yes then your may need proof to get out of your rental agreement!

You?ll also need an Indoor Air Quality Inspection that we can provide to you!

Sometimes when you ask your landlord for help they wont help you at all, and may

say if you don?t like it move out, and by the way we will turn this over to the credit bureau. That?s when you need a Personal Property Attorney, and a professional

Mold Inspection from AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc!    


As a Licensed Florida Mold Assessor and Florida Licensed Mold Remediator!

William E. Fisher, Jr is the ideal choice to get your Litigation Support on Track!

No one can just walk into a building look at mold growing on a wall or ceiling,

and tell you the species with 100% accuracy! It takes an experienced professional

with years in the field to understand the science! Bill Fisher knows the science!  


Our Customer?s recent comments about AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solution, Inc. 


07-08-17  Mr. Fisher the inspection you did on our home here in Pensacola, and the information

                 obtained from it was a blessing. Your remediation plan for the repairs was also great!

                 Thanks again for your professional, and quick response to our mold problem.


                 Lisa & Frank, B. Pensacola, FL.


06-22-17  Thanks AAA Advanced Air & Mold for helping us get to the bottom of our Mold issues!

                 Our home was making us ill every time we came home from work. You found the water

                 intrusion into our roof and walls! Thanks so much for getting us back into our home.


                 Rosemary, W. Panama City, FL


06-06-17  Finally I found someone to find the mold in our home. I could smell it but not find where

                 that awful odor was coming from. Thanks for fixing the problem and using your chemical

                 to kill it, and the odor! 


                 Steve, R. Dothan AL.


05-24-17  Mr. Fisher of AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions. Thank you for coming to my clinic

                here in Tallahassee. My office staff was going crazy over the moldy smell in our building.

                Your testing, and Mold Inspection zeroed in on the problem with our H-Vac System. Our

                H-Vac have been repaired and the contaminated ducts replaced. Thank You!


                Dr. Thomas, H. Tallahassee, FL.

05-06-17  I just want to thank you for getting us back into our apartment. The spray treatment on

                our apartment did the job, and the owner of the building replaced the carpeting from the

                leaking shower head in the wall. We appreciate your help more then you?ll ever know.


                 David & Jenifer, S. Atlanta, GA.


04-12-17  Thanks Mr. Fisher for the Remediation, and Inspection for the mold. I will recommend

                 your company to my family and friends! Your service was great and the repair cost was

                 very fair compared to other estimates I received. Thanks!


                Pastor Lee, T. Birmingham, AL.


03-30-17  Mr. Bill Fisher thanks for all you have done to get our house on the river livable again!

                 I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to enjoy it again!

                 Thank you and your staff for getting it done. The house smells great, and you would

                 never know it got flooded out!


                 Connie Van, D. Mobile, AL.



03-02-17  I would like to thank Mr. Fisher for getting our home in Jacksonville, Fl fixed!

                 We had two other companies come in and nether of them could find the problem.

                 I was amazed at how quickly you discovered the real problems with our home. Your

                 Service was fantastic and the remediation plan took care of everything wrong with

                 this home. We are glad we called you!


                 Sally, V. Jacksonville Beach, FL.    


02-14-17  Hi Mr. Fisher the spray treatment you did on our house here in Tampa to get rid of

                 the mold worked great! No more order and the mold has not returned.



                 William, J. Tampa, FL.


01-26-17  As a contractor here in Florida we all to often have to deal with rain and its impact

                on our construction projects. Thanks for helping me put a problem house to bed.

                Your Spray Treatment and the consultation you gave me will greatly help me in the

                 future with other projects we have on the horizon. Thanks and I?m sure we will be

                working together again in the future!


                 Tom, K. St. Petersburg, FL.


01-10-17  Mr. Fisher of AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions thank you for helping my wife and I

                 with our contaminated home. The first contractor that came here wanted to charge us

                 an ungodly amount of money to repair our mobile home. You however identified the

                 real problems and repaired our home! Thank you ever so much!


                 Carlos & Maria, R. Orlando, FL.

01-05-17  I would like to thank you for the mold inspection on the home I was thinking about

                 buying. Your test showed a very high level of different kinds of molds throughout the

                 home. Thanks for your advice, and I have found another home that will not cost me

                 much to get it on the market to flip! Thanks again, and I will be calling on you for my

                 next project to flip.


                 Debbie McQ. Ft. Walton Beach, FL.


12-07-16  Dear Mr. Fisher I just want to thank you for getting to the bottom of our Mold problem.

                 Your mold inspection of our condo saved the day. We use it as a rental, and we were

                 concerned that it would have to be off line for renting for a wile. But you did find the

                 water problems with the hvac system and the constant condensation from those ceiling

                 ducts. Thanks for all you have done! Great Job!


                 Mark & Judy, L. Panama City Beach, FL.   


Call us today, and lets talk about your Mold Related Services Needs! Coverage Area: FL, GA, AL, LA, MS, SC, NC. Legal Support Nationwide!


AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions!

Americas #1 Toxic Mold Inspector & Toxic Mold Remediator for-

Toxic Mold Contaminated; Homes, Mobile Homes, Factory Built Housing, Condos, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Assisted Care Living   Facilities, Modular Buildings, Section Eight Housing, Military Housing, HUD Code Built Housing, DCA Built Housing, Vintage Trailer Homes, Boat's, Aircraft, Military Ships, Passenger Ships, Doctor's Offices, County Owned Buildings, State Owned Buildings, Government Owned Buildings, Schools, College Dorms, Air Condition Systems, Air Condition Ducts, Home Attic Areas, Sub-floor Areas, Window Sills, Floor Areas, Contaminated Walls, Ceilings, Ceiling Materials, Automobiles, Trucks, Van's, Airplanes, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Class A Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, Furniture, Leather Furniture, Personal Property, Children Toys, Children's Clothing, Home Curtains, Flooded Homes, Flooded Professional Office Buildings, Flooded Realtors Offices, Flooded Factories, Water Damaged Homes, Water Stained Building Materials, Water Damaged Trailers, Fire Damaged Buildings, Fire Damaged Homes, Mold Contamination From Flooding, Mold Contamination From black water, Mold Contamination From Sea Water, Mold Contamination from River Water, Home making you Sick at Home, Mold making you Cough, Mold Related Symptoms, Skin Rash From Mold, Mold Related Breathing Problems, Mold Smell, Mildew Smell, Fungal Smell, Mold in Lungs, Mold Eye Infections, Mold Skin Infections, Mold In Living Room, Mold In Bathrooms, Mold In Master Bedrooms, Mold In Bedrooms, Mold In Babies Room, Mold Abatement, Mold In Ventilation System, Mold in HVAC System, Mold Growth On Carpeting, Gold Growth On Carpet Padding, Moldy Floor Decking, Moldy Personal Property, Moldy Building Material, Moldy, Moldy Clothing, Fungal Mold Growth In The Home Environment, Fungal Mold Growth in The Work Environment, Fungal Health Problems, Fungal Contaminated Buildings, Attorneys For Toxic Mold Litigation, Mold- Mildew- Fungal Personal And Property Attorneys, Fungal Mold Growth In Schools, Sick from Mold-Mildew-Fungal- Growth, Structural Defects That Promote Fungal- Mold- Mildew Contamination, Mold- Mildew-Fungal Mold Growth From Roof Leaks, Plumbing Leaks Causing Mold-Mildew-Fungal growth, Black Mold Growth In The Home Environment, Black Toxic Mold Contamination, Black Toxic Mold Health Problems, Black Mold Growth On Wall, Black Mold Growth On Ceiling, Black Mold Growth On my Ceiling, Visual Black Mold Growth, Visual Black Mold Causing Skin Rash, Toxic Mold Growth From Wind Damage, Toxic Mold Symptoms, And Symptoms, Nose Bleeds, and Black Mold, Certified environmental Inspector, Certified Environmental

 Remediator, Remediation Environmental Inspector, Consistent Exposure to Black Mold Symptoms, Black Toxic Mold from Roof Damage, Death from Black Toxic Mold, and many more!

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